Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey Jessica!

I got my Concert Choir sweatshirt! It's so cool. I feel all official and selective and I swear I sing better in it too. You know I'm the fourth Leete to get a sweatshirt, and the third girl to be an alto. We should take a picture with all of us in our sweatshirts. However I do see how that can be a problem since you have more than one.

NATS Musical Theater was a couple Saturdays ago, and it was a ton of fun. I went early to see Cami perform and then Keturah (my accompanist) and I hung out and worked on college essays until it was my turn. I think I did well and I had lots of fun.

Keturah and I took her little brothers and friends trick-or-treating for Halloween. It was fun. I guess. We all dressed up as characters from Great Expectations. Keturah was Miss Havisham, I was Estella and one of her brothers was Pip. We looked good.

Here's a picture of me:

For Thanksgiving we went down to California to visit family. We even went down to Disneyland for a day, for free too (well we bought one ticket, but it was discounted.) Ya, we've got connections. I had a ton of fun. Rachel and I closed the park out, even when our cousins went to go sleep in the car. I got blisters for it but it was worth it. 

Disneyland made me act like a child. I got all giddy and energetic and I just wanted to ride everything and go everywhere. It was exciting. 

Thanksgiving dinner was nice to have with family. We went on a walk on Avila Beach afterwards. It was beautiful weather.

I hope you are having fun at college!

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