Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hey Jessica,

I had my first sleepover this week. I know, it took 18 years for me to have a sleepover. But you know, parents, rules, yaddy yadda yadda. Now that Keturah and I are 18 the rules no longer apply! (Of course Cami and Kirsten could have sleepovers before they were 18. They had to wait on us.)

It started off at noon. Well it was supposed to start at noon, but Kirsten was late. Really late. So while the rest of us were waiting for her to show up be watched two episodes of "Gilmore Girls" (we're having a marathon). Once Kirsten arrived, the sleepover really started. It started with . . .


We went to QFC to buy the ingredients for won tons. It took a while because we couldn't find the won ton wrappers. The people weren't much help there, they directed us to the sushi bar. (I can't believe they have a sushi bar at QFC.) We had to call Mom, she told us were to look. If you were wondering, it was by the produce. Then we had basically an extended phone call. I was calling Mom to ask what ingredients we needed and then Cami was calling her mom to find out if they had them. She had most of the stuff.

Once the shopping trip was over we went back to Cami's house and made the won tons. We even made dessert won tons by filling some wrappers with cherry pie filling. They were hot. But the won tons were very good. I ate too much.

We then proceeded to play Last Word and Rummikub. I lost at all of the games. However I was not the ultimate loser at Last Word although I'm pretty sure I was every time we played Rummikub. At least for this portion of the event we were outside. It was a very pretty day.

After that we played Mario Kart (something I did not loose at). Then we ordered pizza. We tried getting it delivered but while we were trying to get my gift card to work the store closest to us stopped accepting delivery orders online. So we ordered online but then had to go pick it up. Thanks Pizza Hut.

We ate our pizza, bread sticks, and cinnamon sticks while watching a movie. We watched Sleepover. It seemed appropriate and relatable. Except the girls were 14 years-old, had enemies, and Cinderella stories. Basically it was a stupid preteen movie. Oh well. We had fun.

We then started to play a game of Monopoly. We only played for about an hour and a half (1:30 in the morning). We stopped playing when we bought all of the properties. I knew I was going to loose from the beginning because I only had four properties. They were lame properties too. How do you only land on four properties that weren't already purchased?!? So the next morning, after breakfast, we finished our game. I lost. It was sad.

I had a lot of fun though.

Keturah leaves for college on Thursday. It's quite sad. I will miss her.

See you on  Friday!


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