Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goodbye Melissa!


Spending the weekend at home was great. It was wonderful to get the whole family together again. We didn't do much, but just spending time together was all I wanted. I love how we watched the Lego movie (twice!) and then continued to quote it the rest of the time. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

I can’t believe you’re going on a mission tomorrow! I already miss you so much, and I just barely said goodbye! I am so proud of you for deciding to serve a mission. You are going to be a fantastic missionary!

Two reasons you’re going to be a great missionary:

1. You love Jesus Christ – There’s no better reason to serve and there’s no way to be a better missionary than loving the Lord, His gospel, and His church. Whenever you teach, your love and testimony will shine through, and that will make you an effective missionary.

2. You know how to work hard – You've always been one to go the extra mile and to try new things. Like violin! The only reason you had to start and keep practicing was because you wanted to learn. You can motivate yourself like no one else, and that will keep you working hard your whole mission.

 I love you so much Melissa, have a wonderful time and work hard! I can't wait to hear from you.


Note: While Melissa is on a mission, I will continue to write her and post it here. Her replies will also be posted here.

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