Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hey Jessica,

It's been a long time and a lot has happened so I'll just try to highlight some of the more important things for you. (If I can even remember what has happened.)

Mom made me a dress. Not just any dress, but a homecoming dress. She did it in two weeks too. She's amazing! So basically everyday after school I checked in on her to see how the dress was coming. I got to try it on a lot too. I think it's the best dress she's ever made me!

Then I went to Homecoming! Not with a date, but with three of my friends, Cami, Keturah, and Hayley.  We went to Cami's house before to eat dinner, a formal sit down but we were not dressed up yet. Then we got ready. You know, make up, hair, girl chat, and so forth. I wanted to curl my hair, but for some reason the curling iron wasn't working. Or maybe I wasn't . . . But anyway I had to wait for Cami to finish curling Keturah's hair so that I, well really Hayley, could use that curling iron to curl my hair. The end result (besides me looking fabulous!) was we ended up taking the pictures really late so it was too dark outside, we took some inside but I don't think most of the turned out. So in the following pictures the background will be all black, that's just because I was being vain.


Keturah, Me, Cami, Hayley

Funny pose!
The only decent picture where you can see my whole dress

 When we got there we had ticket issues. Keturah's brother bought her ticket because he has an asb sticker (another mix up) and we thought that they had to show up together because the ticket would be under his name. But she at first left it at home, then her mom forgot it when she came to take pictures, then she couldn't find it, then we found out Keturah's brother had them, but then he lost them, either in the car, at home, or at the restaurant he went to. But anyway, in the midst of all this an administrator heard out our problems and let us in. It was all good. The dance however wasn't that fun. Well for me. I think I'm just worn out from too many dances. They had a cool chandelier made by a student hanging from the ceiling. Personally I didn't really like most of the music they played the hour and a half we were there. They played YMCA though. That's a good song. After an hour and a half we went to Keturah's house and watched "How To Loose a Guy in Ten Days". It's a good, funny movie.

Besides that school has been, well school. I have homework, that when I schedule well, isn't all that bad. But I tend to leave my chapter study guide for AP Psych until the last minute, which isn't fun. I think I get half of calc. That is until I have to take a quiz or a test and suddenly I don't remember anything. I'm sure it'll get better though, right? Ya, homecoming is the most exciting thing that has happened recently and that Rachel is sixteen. It makes me feel old. I even registered to vote! Not like I can this year, but I'll be all registered for later.

See you later!

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