Friday, August 24, 2012

End of Summer

Hey Melissa!

Well, I'm now in Utah for school. It's been a great summer though! Here's one of the highlights:

My good friend Linnea had them and they just needed to be made into cookies.
So here's us making them:

And our 3 little frosting helpers: Rachel, Melissa, and Melissa's friend Amanda

Now for some finished projects!

 I love the look of the mint chocolate chips for eyes :)

 This one is getting kicked in the head by the purple one.

Didn't they turn out great! We made a lot though, we were frosting for hours and definitely were not hungry for dinner afterwards.

So I got here Wednesday night and so far I'm the only roommate moved in and living here. One has been in and out, dropping off stuff but spending the day with her family and no one else has shown up yet. So I've been unpacking and reading. More reading than unpacking, I really don't like unpacking. I read  one of my favorites from when I was younger, Poison by Chris Wooding. Now I'm about halfway through with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's a lot of fun to relax and read something easy.

- Jessica

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