Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turtles and Japan and Potterness!

Hey Jessica!
So it's been a little while so I'll have a lot to say.

On June 26th my turtles turned two! I know! They're so old! So for your watching pleasure I took a little thirty second video of them. Of course at that moment they decided not to be spazzes so they're just swimming around. I swear, they were totally being crazy two seconds before I took the video!

They are the best pets ever! I love them so much! And of course they complete my turtle collection:)

I was gone for a whole five days for girls' camp. The theme was the scripture, so Arise and Shine or Get up and Glow. Every cabin was a different nation. I was a counselor with my friend Kirsten. Our cabin was Japan. Everyday we dressed up. We wore kimonos, were Mario and Luigi, ninjas, and I was pikachu and she was my trainer. It was a ton of fun. In our cabin we even had a short table and cushions so we could sit cross-legged on the floor. It was so cool! The crafts were amazing. There was a photo booth one day. This is the picture we took: 

I made a frame for it too. I also made two rings, a lantern and a book made from a paper bag. And we can't forget how spiritual it was! We had a lantern walk where we went to multiple stations and they each had a thing they had to read. We weren't allowed to talk either so all you could hear was nature and the clink of electric candles in the lanterns. It was amazing to look and to just see a bunch of yellow/orange lights moving in one direction. Then there was the musical program that had music and narrations. There was also the candle circle that was really cool as well. And the testimony meeting to close off the week was really sincere and touching.

I've joined Pottermore. And I've been nerding out ever since I did. I was sorted into Gryffindor and I have a fir wand with a unicorn core that's 10 3/4 inches long. It's almost too much for me to handle. I definitely dreamed about it last night. All the new information you find out on it is great! McGonagall was always a favorite but now even more so! I can't wait until I can go through the second book too!

Besides those things I've been playing Pokemon and sitting around, fairly bored. I really need things to do. Or maybe I just need to at least sit outside for a bit. I have been indexing though! The youth are having a competition against the bishopric to see who can index more this month. So far I've done 241 names! I'm getting better too.

Anyway, that's all for now!

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