Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sewing, sewing, sewing.....

Hey Melissa!

I've got lots to tell you about today. First of all, I had my first job interview a few weeks ago! It was at a movie theater and I was soooo nervous. It went well, but it was a group interview and everyone else had much better answers than me. I didn't get the job, but it's ok, because I found a job as a nanny for the summer! It's for two kids, a 10 year old boy and a 8 year old girl. Its turning out to be lots of fun. The kids love me and we do lots of fun stuff together. I taught the girl how to make friendship bracelets, and we've made cookies together as well. Today we played an hour or so of hide and seek. Lots of fun!

However, I had a few weeks before my job started, so I had a ton of free time and very few friends back from college to spend it with. So I've been crafting it up! I sewed an apron and a dress and am almost done with a skirt. The patterns for the apron and dress I found online (I love blogs!) Both were a lot of work, and I learned some new skills - lining with bias tape, installing an invisible zipper- but I think it was totally worth it! They both turned out super cute and I love them! Here's some pics:

The skirt somehow turned out way too small for me, I have no idea how! But it should fit our sister, Rachel. I just need to get her to try it on so I can hem it!

I've also been cooking a bit. We made some chicken pot pie cupcakes! They were delicious as you know. Sorry, I didn't take pictures, but they looked pretty much like the ones on the website I got it from, I just kinda overfilled them, so they spilled out a bit.

So that's everything really! I'll try to post more often, but I'm not promising anything :)


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