Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hard Things


So this week was hard. Not only did I get sick, but that sickness basically made my brain not work, which made my math homework very difficult. Combine this with long days with very few to no breaks, and it gets pretty bad. It even got to a point where Monday during a study group, I was at the white board trying to figure out a proof with some other people, and we were all teasing each other like normal. Then I started laughing pretty hard and the laugh just kinda turned into tears. So I got some hugs and then they made me go sit down and take a break.

That night, I prayed harder than I have in a very long while. I just couldn't do it. School and work were hard enough before, and now with being sick, and not being able to sleep because I was sick, I just couldn't function, I couldn't think - I could barely make it from class to class, let alone get all my homework done. I realized just how weak I was, and how much I really do need to rely on my Savior.

The week got better, and after hearing President Monson's talk in the General Relief Society Meeting, my eyes were opened. Looking back now I can see the heavens opening the instant after I said that prayer. So many of my friends offered help and medicine, and my study group friends all constantly asked how I was doing and were patient enough to slowly guide my muddled mind through difficult proofs. My roommate gave me some Tylenol PM to help me sleep, and slowly, my body started to heal. As much as I wish I hadn't gotten sick, I am so glad I got the chance to see just how my Lord and Savior can help me when I am in need.

I know a simple sickness is small compared to what others go through, but for me, it was a big trial. Now I know without a doubt that God lives and that He cares for each one of His children. I know that when we turn to Him in humility and faith, we allow Him to bless our lives through His kindness, comfort, and His angels here on earth. I know miracles happen, and I know God often works through His faithful members to bless others. I know that no matter what trial we go through in this life, that we can rely on Him and make it safely though.

I hope all is going well in Hawaii, and I want you to know that though college will be hard, the Lord is always there to help you get through it. Have a great week, and I can't wait to hear from you!

- Jessica

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