Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hey Jessica,

So I'm late. I'm really sorry about that. Can I blame it on the internet? Or lack of internet? The new dorms are having issues with the wifi so I haven't had wifi in my dorm since I got here. (You can get really good wifi in the laundry room though.) Mom was supposed to send me an ethernet cable in the box of things I forgot, but she forgot and so I had to buy one at the bookstore. Now I have internet! Yay! But no phone.

I didn't realize how important a phone was until I left my phone cord at home. It's really hard to get in contact with people when you have no wifi and no phone. I'm going to blame my friendlessness on my phone and internet issues.

Hawaii is beautiful. It's a little hot sometimes, especially in the sun, but my dorm is surprisingly cool. Just don't run in the middle of the day and don't stand in the sun for too long. Layers are bad.

My roommates are awesome. There's Michelle, Rei, and Maggie. Rei's from Japan, Michelle is from Utah, and Maggie is from China. Rei is super adorable. I love her! We sometimes have trouble understanding each other but she is just so sweet, we always figure it out in the end. And she teaches me some Japanese. I think I know two words now. Maggie is always teasing Rei. It's fun to watch them. Michelle is usually hanging out with some friends from other rooms and dorms.

I met some people in the room across the way. They go running in the morning so I decided to join them and be healthy. One morning we got up extra early so that we could run, swim, and see the sunrise. Kate and I (the slower runners) decided we were going to run on the beach a bit. However the beach where we were isn't very flat so we walked instead. As we were walking, we ran into a turtle. IT WAS HUGE! I wanted a picture with it so Kate took a picture. She forgot to turn the flash off her phone though and so as she was taking the picture it woke the turtle up. He opened his eyes and slowly turned his head towards Kate. He had the grumpiest look on his face. He was all "who dares to disturb my slumber". I felt really bad but watched him as he slid back into the ocean.

I got some scholarships for being in band classes. I'm in the North Shore Symphonic Wind Orchestra and the Brass Ensemble. It's pretty cool. The brass ensemble especially. There are nine of us, eight if you don't include our teacher. It's really fun to play in a small group. I've never really played in a small group like that.

Sorry for the weird post, I'm kinda really tired. Sorry again.


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