Wednesday, April 23, 2014

10 Things That Make You Wonderful or Why I Wish I Was You

Hey Jessica!

I am done with school until 2016. Woah. That's weird to think about. But, I've decided this post isn't going to be about me—no, it's going to be about you.

Congratulations! Your finals should end today! You made it! You are so close to being done with this stage of your schooling, I’m so proud of you. Because of this I'm going to tell you some awesome things about yourself (just in case you've forgotten). Here they are: 10 Things That Make You Wonderful or Why I Wish I Was You

  1. You sew, crochet, and knit. That's pretty impressive. And you don't just follow patterns, you make stuff up too! Like the sleeve for my computer. You can sew some amazing dresses, and don't get me started on your quilt. It's amazing! You put so much hard work and perfectionism into these projects that is incredible, and it shows in the finished projects.
  2. You are super smart. I don't think I need to tell you that you are the smartest one in our family. It's pretty obvious. You get the best grades because you are the hardest worker even though out of all of us you probably are studying the hardest subject. Go you!
  3. You can cook. And bake. If you don’t count brownies, these are two skills of which I lack. And two skills of which people (especially of the male variety) love. You make some of the best things I have ever had. You also get excited about making things—that makes making things even more fun! (Might I add that you look super cute in your apron, the apron that you made.)
  4. You are amazing at the piano. It cannot be denied, you are the most musical person in our family. You are the only one to pick up piano again, and the only one to play so many instruments. Oh, and don’t forget you have an amazing voice. Like, come on, Concert Choir, Cantores . . . leave some skill for the rest of us! Don’t forget you are awesome at saxophone too! You and the quartet gave me an appreciation for that instrument.
  5. Clothes. You wear super cute stuff. ‘Nough said.
  6. You have perfect teeth. The rest of us had to go through years of braces to sort of get teeth like yours. Lucky you.
  7. You can take pictures like this and still look great.
    The turtle is not the only cute thing in this photo
  8. You are great at strategy games. At least better than I am. And you are great at card games. The rest of us can’t keep up.
  9. You look great in scarves. I’m a little jealous. Only a little, I swear!
  10. You are beautiful. Don't go shaking your head at the screen. Don't do it. For once, let yourself believe you are beautiful, because it is the truth. You have a symmetrical face with these gorgeous eyes staring out at the rest of us. (If you think that me saying that you have a symmetrical face is a little cold, it’s really not. It’s scientific. That’s what makes people attractive.) Don’t get me started on your hair! I am soooooooooo jealous of your hair. It is a gorgeous brown, and is curly. I love the curls you have. So many people spend forever curling their hair everyday so that it will look like that. You also have long, curly, dark eyelashes. The rest of the world wishes that they had your eyelashes. I could go on, but we don’t want you getting too big of an ego.
I thought this was appropriate

Now, don’t get discouraged, there are more reasons why you are wonderful, but to state them all would take the rest of my life. These are just a few. I thought they might be able to recharge you for the next semester. I love you Jessica, keep being awesome.


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  1. I am proud to have you both as my daughters.