Monday, April 14, 2014

The Little Things


So this month has been crazy and I'm very sorry it's taken this long to get a post up. But despite all the crazy that's been going on there's always been the little things that keep me going.

First, hobbies that keep me sane. I've been going to social dance club every week and since it's in the evening, it forces me to stay on campus all day and get homework done! But more importantly, it gives me a chance to forget all the math and just waltz across the dance floor.

Second, delicious food. Lately I've been experimenting with making my own bread! It's a lot of fun, and it tastes much better than the over processed preservative filled bread they sell in the store. It also makes delicious sandwiches to take to campus!

Third, helping others. Service always makes life better, and since I'm in the math building all day, there's always someone around who needs help with math. Plus, other people's homework is much more fun!

And last and most important, all my wonderful friends that make the long days in the math building fun and my roommates that make my apartment a great place to be. They keep me smiling all day and stop me from being too stressed about the piles of homework looming over my shoulder waiting to be done.

So there's the little things that keep me going. How's your life in Hawaii going?


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